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High-Performance Composite Panels

About Atlon

Atlon Composites is a leading manufacturer of high-performance composite panels, offering practical solutions to problematic commercial and industrial applications.

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of future building material selection, and redefining the materials used in a wide range of construction applications.

Whether the primary requirement is water resistance, weight reduction, fire resistance, flexibility, strength or a combination of factors; our team of qualified engineers and material scientists have developed a range of composite sheet products to meet these demands.

Focus On The Solution

As we continue to evolve, we remain steadfast in our mission to challenge conventions, redefine possibilities, and elevate the standards of modern construction material. We understand that collaboration is the cornerstone of our innovation success, and by working hand-in-hand with our partners we transform innovative ideas into tangible products.

Atlon actively encourages existing or potential customers to approach us with their industry problems and needs. If our technical team believes that a technical solution is within our capabilities, then we work with partners to develop and deliver a new product solution.

The company strives to offer practical solutions to problematic industrial applications. Whether the primary requirement is water resistance, weight reduction, fire resistance, flexibility, strength, or a combination of factors; we have a range of composite panel products to meet these demands. 


When confronted with new challenges which are not sufficiently solved by our existing formulas, our R&D team engages with our customers to assess the application in detail to develop a bespoke solution which meets the key criteria. At Atlon our concerns around sustainability are present at every stage of our process:

Sustainable Solutions


Research & Development

During research and development we assess every component of the formula to ascertain ecological and environmental impact, and we only develop product formulas which are recyclable at the end point of their service life.


During manufacture we operate with a focus on energy efficiency and minimising pollution; utilising our own in-house recycling facilities to reduce/re-use/recycle 100% of our own production waste. 

Downstream Processing


Laminated surface options include PVC/PET/PP foils, aluminium skins, HPL/CPL, etc.

Board Wrapping

Wrapped edge boards (including T&G wrapped) available up to 1220mm widths.

Bespoke Sizing

Small furniture panels, up to panels 6000mm in length and 1600mm in width.

Edge Profiling

T&G profiled edges available up to 1220mm widths.


Various grits available. Maximum sanding width up to 1600mm.

Profile Wrapping

Includes capability for wrapping PVC or aluminium trims, foamed extrusion mouldings, planks, etc.

Atlon Operates In The Following Industries:

Building & Construction






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