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Product Applications

Atlon Composite panels have been developed with a wide variety of end uses in mind. All panels are available in a range of thicknesses and densities, and can be supplied with various laminated surfaces. In addition, all Atlon products can be processed using standard woodworking equipment, and contain no toxic or harmful substances. This allows for an extremely wide range of potential applications for use.

Areas of application for Atlon Composite panels:


Cabinet Panels | Furniture Construction | Outdoor Kitchen | Bathroom Furniture & Wall Panels


Caravan | Static Home | Park Homes | Swimming Pools

Off-Site Construction

Modular Building | Portable Buildings | Hoarding | Retail Outfitting


Pharmaceutical | Labs | Food Processing | Hospitals | Cultivation Rooms | Clean Rooms | Wet Rooms


Cafeterias | Classrooms | Restrooms | Hallways | Locker Rooms | Stadiums


Kitchens | Dining Rooms | Restrooms | Bar Areas | Storerooms


Farming Pens | Kennels | Storage Facilities | Aquaculture


Passenger Cars | Recreational Vehicles | Trucks | Buses | Vans | Horse Boxes 


Recreational Boats | Yachts | Ferries | Cruise Lines | Commercial Vessels ​

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